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Date: December 28, 2020

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Updated 3:00 pm on Friday 12/18/2020: Winter Day Camp is full and registration is closed.

Give kids a day camp experience and keep them busy over winter break with “Winter Day Camp at Home!”

Campers will receive a Winter Day Camp kit with materials for five days of “camp.” Each day is themed around a winter storybook and will include access to online storytimes and educational videos, as well as materials for STEM activities, arts and crafts projects, and outdoor challenges and explorations.

Campers will receive their kits no later than December 23 and can complete their activities at any time over the winter break and on into the New Year.

Activities are targeted at children aged 5-8, though younger and older students are welcome to join in on the fun.

Campers will also have the option to interact with “camp counselors” from Winneshiek County Conservation and other campers using the free app Flipgrid, so we can connect, build community, and create friendships even when not physically together!