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Sharing the Trails

Winneshiek County’s trails are used by many different users: from individuals to large groups, from casual walkers to quick bikers. Some users walk dogs, some push strollers, some listen to music, some have deep conversations. All users are welcome, but we encourage everyone to be aware of and accommodating of other users. Please consider the following guidelines as you enjoy Winneshiek County’s trail system.

  • Share the Trail: Slow down, communicate, and be courteous
  • Stay Aware: Keep your eyes and ears open
  • Communicate: Signal when you approach others
  • Stay Right: Walk/Ride on the right, pass on the left
  • Keep Animals Close: Keep pets on a short leash
  • Be Predicatable: Use hand signals when turning
  • Use Safe Equipment: Make sure your bike is working properly
  • Leave No Trace: Trash and pet waste belong in the garbage

These graphics are available for use by others for promoting safe, shared trail use by contacting Winneshiek County Conservation.

This messaging campaign was supported by the Winneshiek County Community Foundation.

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